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Humanoid Virtual Athletics Challenge

Build and run your super-cool humanoid robot in the virtual world!

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Challenge 2023

Aim of this challenge

The aim of this challenge is to provide students and researchers in the humanoid robotics research community with a common development platform and an opportunity for competition and thereby facilitate cutting-edge research in this field through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and technical resources.

Compared to several simulation-based humanoid robot competitions held in the past (e.g., JVRC, DRC, WRS, Robocup), the major uniqueness of this challenge is that it focuses of the potential ability of humanoid robots to perform acrobatic movements.

How to participate

Important Dates of 2023

Application form


Challenge Themes


The robot traverses the athletic field from the starting position to the goal. Performance is evaluated by reached landmark and elapsed simulation time.

Athletics Field


The robot performs dancing that requires whole-body motion. Dance performance is evaluated in terms of both artistic quality and technical quality.

Robot models used for dance performance

Short track

The robot walks/runs the 20[m] short track. Performance is evaluated by elapsed simluation time while the robot passes the start line and the goal line.

Short-track Field


Detailed regulation

Please see the following document for detailed regulations. Regulations are tentative and subject to change.

Regulations overview

Choreonoid is used for the simulation environment of this challenge. Each team designs a robot model and a controller that can be loaded and run on Choreonoid.

Creating a robot model

Implementing a controller



Simulator setting

Operating the robot

Quick Start


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